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I'm a graphic design major, but I spend way too much time thinking about cake so I don't think that's really going to work as a long-term thing. I'm also between 1/3 and 1/2 black, but don't hold it against me like my ex-boyfriend's mother did. I suppose my ultimate goal is to either become a world-class patissiere or open my own bakery. This tumblr will serve as a portfolio/recipe drawer for me while I get started. Also personal and fandom blog. Can't be helped.





i emotionally connect with this cat

dis mah pizza

dar r mani liek it

but dis 1 iz mine

ah, an ancient tongue

that is pure lolspeak, not heard in its raw form in many a year

we’ve come full circle gentlemen


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the world is such a confusing place. wtf is calculus. taxes??? what?? why do we have eyebrows. how do people not like fall out boy. what even are cuttlefish. no wonder pete wentz always looks so concerned

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As someone who wants to study the human consciousness I found this very interesting.

Scott Routley was a “vegetable”. A car accident seriously injured both sides of his brain, and for 12 years, he was completely unresponsive.

Unable to speak or track people with his eyes, it seemed that Routley was unaware of his surroundings, and doctors assumed he was lost in limbo. They were wrong.

In 2012, Professor Adrian Owen decided to run tests on comatose patients like Scott Routley. Curious if some “vegetables” were actually conscious, Owen put Routley in an fMRI and told him to imagine walking through his home. Suddenly, the brain scan showed activity. Routley not only heard Owen, he was responding.

Next, the two worked out a code. Owen asked a series of “yes or no” questions, and if the answer was “yes,” Routley thought about walking around his house. If the answer was “no,” Routley thought about playing tennis.

These different actions showed activity different parts of the brain. Owen started off with easy questions like, “Is the sky blue?” However, they changed medical science when Owen asked, “Are you in pain?” and Routley answered, “No.” It was the first time a comatose patient with serious brain damage had let doctors know about his condition.

While Scott Routley is still trapped in his body, he finally has a way to reach out to the people around him. This finding has huge implications.


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My storenvy store just went live!


so ninja


gina torres slapped mads mikkelsen in the face 15 times in a row and i think that’s beautiful 

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sometimes dogs get embarrassed that someone saw them acting anything other than a majestic and stoic beast


sometimes dogs get embarrassed that someone saw them acting anything other than a majestic and stoic beast

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when i was a kid I thought the dark in ‘tall dark and handsome’ meant dark skin and I was always confused when people would use the phrase to describe whitey mcwhiterson


I’m still confused about that. Then I…